About me

My name is Conrado Silva Miranda and I’m currently pursuing a PhD degree on Electrical Engineering at University of Campinas, Brazil, where I also got a MS on Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree on Control and Automation Engineering.

As an undergraduate, I performed research on nonlinear analysis and control of dynamic systems, which guided my MS on UAV systems, where I developed algorithms for sensor calibration, state estimation, and control with focus on creating state-of-the-art algorithms with good performance and very little knowledge about the real system.

For my PhD, I steered away from the robotics field to study machine learning, which has become an area of great interest for me over the years and I decided that I needed to dedicate more effort to this field. My current research is focused on multi-objective optimization, neural networks, and probabilistic models.

Besides my research, I’ve also contributed a little to some open-source projects and done some consulting for private companies over the years.